Friday, 27 February 2015

Aneelis's Holiday Highlight

Screenshot 2015-02-04 at 10.14.35.pngIn the holidays we had a amazing BBQ it
was so much cool. I had the best holiday at home my dad was cooking the big BBQ at home.

Then we ate the BBQ at home it was so much yum because it was so much hot for me I feel amazing every day.

Screenshot 2015-02-04 at 10.33.55.pngWhen we had a BBQ then we went to Mcdonald's  to have a frozen coke at Mcdonald's it was the best. After that we had a cold ice cream at the cool amazing Mcdonald.

 I have one dad two mums and one sister, one brother.
Some time I like to play with my family because they like to have so much fun at home.I feel like amazing at home and class too.

Then we went to pass our Nanan house because I think that it was just her at home.I feel like play at class every day so I like to do maths.

Once we have had all of that we went back home to watch T.V at home then went to have Dinner on the table it was yum.

Samoa's Holiday Highlight

My Holiday Highlight

In the holiday I went to the NRL nines game. I went with my mum and cousin, and we had so much fun! We went to Eden Park , and we went Last Saturday. I wanted to go is because I thought it will be fun, but it was fun. The game I enjoy most was worries and the titans. and the first round the worries scored a try. then the titans then shone Johnson did a dummy and then got a runner way went inside the goal post. then on the second round the worries was still in the lead and then the time went to 6 seconds then  5 4 3 2 1 and the warriors won the game!

warriors vs raiders
The warriors had to play the raider. Now the first round has began. The raider scored are try. Then they missed the kick in. Then the warriors score lots of tries and then warriors winning.

Then when it got to 6 seconds the raider scored a try and they won the game. but they all played so well. All the worries fans were shocked and disappointed when the warriors lost against the raiders. The point was 19 to 21. I hope next time the warriors wins.

But the warriors had to vs the tigers to be in the semi finals. So on Sunday, so the warriors vs the tigers. then both team went to their position. So the first round has began, then the warriors was winning then the tigers got a try.

Then on the second round the warriors was winning and then they got a try and they won the game and they were happy.

I hope that I will go there next time to watch it again because it was so fun and cool to watch.

Javan in the holidays being lazy

In the holidays I felt excited because I went to go sleep over my friends house. When I just got there I ate and I was watching tv. After that my friend was playing 2k15 on the psp and me and his brother went to the park. At the park we played basketball on the court . after playing basketball we were playing rugby and I was trying to tackle him. On sunday my church and my friend went to go play some samoa cricket. when it was my turn to bat I was so embarrassed because I forgot how to use the bat propel.When the game was over we went to go shopping.when we arrived at packinsave I was so lazy cause I was play cricket and my feet was killing me. After that I went to go cut my beautiful hair. My hair cutter was at G.I. In the end finally I went back home because of school.

Angel's Holiday Highlight

In the Holiday who i went with was my  family and cousins  we went to the beach why we went there because it was my cousins birthday  and we had a bbQ  when we got to the  beach we went for a swim then when we got out of the beach we had lunch then when we   finish lunch we went for a swim then when we finish we went home.

Then the 2 week i went to the pools with my mum it was so fun i keept on splashing water at her face then i went to Dave. under the water to get my mum lage she keept on picking me up splashing water on me it was so fun then my brother and sister came then i splash water on my brother and sister.

Then  3 week i went out west to go and see my uncles and auntys house we stayed there the night then the next morning we went to mcdonalds
then we went back to my aunts and uncles house then when we got there we had lunch.

Then week 4 i went to the park with my mum and dad we had lunch there it was a cool park after we had our lunch there we went on the big field to play touch i got 2 trys my sister got 1 try then when we finish we went home for a sleep.

It was a fun time everywhere i went with my mum and Dad.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

T.A's Holiday Highlight

Have you had a best birthday ever? I am going to tell
you about mine it was the best birthday was a big birthday.

On my best birthday I was 7. It was so so cool and super big!.I had lots of yummy food and I had a cool cake.
Then i went to have some fun we played lots of games.They were cool as games.Then we went to the park we played ting it was fun at the park.All of my family came to my Birthday the cake was yummy.It was cool and fun and it was the best

birthday. My 7th birthday was the coolies.

I felt happy and excited that I had the best birthday ever in the word.

Atareita's Holiday Highlight

My Holiday Highlight

Me, my aunty, uncle, mum, dad, brother and sisters went to Murawai Beach  because it was too hot to just stay home and do nothing.

At Murawai me, my sister, dad, brother and my uncle went for a swim and  there were huge as waves that were bowling us over when we were  swimming. The waves were bowling us over because we just sat on the  ocean floor. They were really big waves.

After we had a swim we hopped out of the water and got changed. Once everyone had got changed, we played on the park for about 10 - 15 minutes. On the park we played on the monkey bars, the slide and on the big spider web. It was really cool. Man if you go there trust me you will love it.

Furthermore, We then went home and had a feed. After the feed we relaxed and went to sleep. Once the day was over I felt amazing. I had such a great time I wish I could stay there for as long as I wanted to.

                                      THE END
Murawei Beach.png


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Learning and creating in our new space

Over the past few weeks we have been busy creating 3-D scratch art to display on our classroom walls. We have also carried out a number of different investigations to test our heat beat and our endurance.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Our New Classroom!

Welcome to our class blog. 
We are excited to be in a modern learning environment with 60 students, 2 teachers and 1:1 Chromebook devices. On this blog and our individual blogs we will share all our learning so please keeping visiting and commenting. 

Monday, 9 February 2015

Welcome to our Blog!

Watch this space!
This week we will be sharing our stories, art and everything else we have been learning this week. We look forward to sharing our learning with you and receiving your comments.