Thursday, 30 July 2015

Anna's holiday word cloud

Anna @ Pt England School: Holiday word cloud:

In the holidays I watched lots of movies on the TV I ate some food it was delicious I went to my cousins because my cousin and this boy went to a ball and dance all night we also  went shopping and going to my brothers rugby game. 

Friday, 17 July 2015

Ioane's Super Game

Ioane @ Pt England School: Super Game:

Do you want to play a new game? It will help you to not get bored at wet lunchtimes because there are mythical creatures waiting to meet you.
You will meet Robot Man. He lives in the forest. He has super blasters that help to destroy the evil dragons. His mission is to keep the animals safe.

Near the end he faces the king of dragons.
To defeat the king you will use the super blaster and shot him on the tail.
You fire the blaster by using the x key.

This is a game for 8yrs to 15yrs. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, 10 July 2015

Latu's Game Animation

Latu @ Pt England School: Latu's Game Animation:

This is my game I have made for our theme for this team.Our theme for this year is thinking tools and toys.
Are you tired of playing hand games on a wet lunchtime? Well I made an animation called The rings of fire that you could play instead.Come and play it and it will be fun,

My Character is called Flame Boy and he is trying to save the world  from the  evil man named Arrow Man! Please help Flame boy save the world and it will blow your mind.      
To begin now you have to use the arrow keys. But make sure you use all the arrow keys. The keys are Left, Right, Up and Down.
You gain points and win the game when you kill Arrow man. But when Arrow man get’s his arrow from the back of his black shirt then he will aim for you. If he hits you you will lose a life.
To not get shot from Arrow man you have to throw your fireballs. I will tell you how to throw it. The letter you have to hit is Z to throw.   
That’s the end of my game. I hope you really want to play me amazing game.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Te Aumihi's Game Animation

Te Aumihi (T.A) @ Pt England School: Game Animation:

Hi my name is TA. This is my game. I know you will not get bored if it is a wet lunchtime i have a game for you my game is about a character called fire girl.

She can kill anybody that tries to kill her.She got power from this bad boy it like an alien. He killed her mum and dad. She got really angry one day and something happened to her and she had fire in her hands.

In the game she gets trapped underground and is trying to get out. She has fire powers, speed and stargo. Her mission is to get revenge on the bad guy.

Her challenge is to get to the end of the game. If you kill the bad guys you get 1 life but if they kill you you lose a life and they get your life. You have to try to get their lives.

If you push up you jump, down you duck and sideways you will move. To hit the bad guy you push k.

Thank for watching hope I you watch my game. Please leave a comment.