Friday, 11 September 2015

Paige's Writing: The Bull Chase

Paige @ Pt England School: The Bull Chase:

One day a man was walking around town, When he was walking he saw a wild bull surrounded by a strong fence. The lock broke and the bull ran towards the man, He was terrified, the bull was about to attack him so he was trying to escape but there was no place to run, so the bull ran and there was dust and the man couldn’t see the bull bursted in the air and the man sprinted in the water swimming as fast as he could. The bull couldn’t swim that fast so the bull went back on land and the man ran off shocked.


  1. Hi Paige I'm Abbie from Paroa School.
    I like the photo of the Bull chasing the man!
    I hope you do more of this writing!

  2. Hi Paige I'm Holly from Paroa school.
    I liked how you made the story exciting and funny.
    I hope you make more funny stories to post on you blog.
    I also like making funny and exciting stories to post to my blog.

  3. Hi Paige I'm Estella from Paroa school.
    I like the photo that you did of the Bull chasing the man.
    Next time you could make the writing a different color to the page so it is easier to read.
    From Estella


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