Monday, 19 October 2015

Atareita's Riverside Camp Highlight

Atareita @ Pt England School: Riverside Camp Highlight:

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Once the 12:30 bell had rang, the super duper holidays had started. I was so excited. I dashed out the classroom door to see my parents. They were waiting for me in our Big Black Ford. I just couldn’t wait for a mysterious monday morning because on the first monday morning of the holidays I was going to go to a very awesome camp called Riverside Camp. It was going to be held at Willow Park, Eastern Beach.
I was going with 79 other riversiders from Pt England School. I decided to go so that I could have a bit of fun for the 1st week of the holidays. Did you also know that our school riverside camp has been going on for over 25 years now?

At about 10am we had arrived at Willow Park. Once everyone had got out of the buses we unloaded the them and took of our our luggage into the meeting room called The Rimu Room. Furthermore, then we had figured out our teams and the cabins that our team was going to sleep in. My Team slept in room 8. Moreover, we then got our beds ready and we were given a task by Mr Burt to come up with a group name and a group chant. After about 15mins my team came up with a group name and chant. Our name was the PUMBAS. Our group chant was: In the jungle the mighty jungle, the PUMBAS are here to stay. In the jungle the mighty jungle, the PUMBAS come to play and we’ll win all the games we play today X2.

For the teams there were 4 girls teams and 4 boys teams. The Boys names were: BWA, R4BZ, The Simbarians and TANZ. The Girls names were: The PUMBAS, COG, FLAVAS and MUFASA. There were a lot of different chants and names. In our teams we played games in our free time. The first thing that I did in my free time was that I went up to my cabin and got dressed for the beach. After 30mins later, Mr Burt blew the hooter for everyone to meet in the Rimu Room so that we could grab all of our stuff that we needed at the beach to keep warm and even to get a bit wet and sandy. Our activity was to make beach sculptures and we had our own team spaces to make our sculpture in. For 5mins we had time to figure out what we were going to make. Our team made a 3D tree called A Tree Of Life In 3D. So first we drew a border to make the tree. We shaped it, we dug it and then we filled it in. Once we had filled it up with sand, my whole team helped to put props on it. Like grass, sticks and more crazy stuff.

When it had been 1hr, everyone gathered around other teams sculptures and Mrs Burt and Mrs Hamilton was judging them. 4 Teams even made heaps of different things. I can’t even remember most of them. It was too awesome. After we looked at everyone’s sculptures, Mrs Burt the winner in mind. Guess who won? THE PUMBAS! My team jumped up in the air and shouted. YAY! We were all so happy that we even ran and slid on the sand crazily. It was an awesome day for us.  

I had so much fun at Riverside Camp. Maybe next time I will tell you more. Sometime soon. I bet if you were there you would have more fun than I did. I didn't even have a favourite part. I wish I never had to leave.  


Monday, 12 October 2015

Term 4: Survivors

This term we are going to be learning all about adaptations. Would a Camel survive in the Arctic? Would a Polar Bear survive in the desert?