Thursday, 29 September 2016

Pick a Path Stories

This week we have been writing our own pick a path stories. It was lots of fun coming up with some crazy ideas and different paths for our stories. Here are a few of our stories.

Tepaia @ Pt England School: Weird adventures of pick a path

Brooklyn @ Pt England School: My Pick A Path Story, Presentation

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Nytram's P.E.S Olympics Wheelbarrow Race

Nytram @ Pt England School: P.E.S Olympics Wheelbarrow Race

WALT: write an interesting recount by writing about our feelings and the feelings of others.
WALT: group ideas into paragraphs.

On Tuesday I was confused when I saw a wheelbarrow in the class. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Would we be going to the horse’s paddock to pick up hay from the farm or doing some tidying up around the school. I was feeling nervous because I didn’t know what we were going to do. However I was also excited because I love a challenge or an adventure. We then found out that we were going to have a wheelbarrow race.

The wheelbarrow race uses people’s bodies to act like a wheelbarrow. We pair up with partners and one person carries the other person. During the race, the girls was watching the 1st race of the boys. When the race started there was people falling down and people dragging their team mate to the finish line. The person who was carrying the other person was getting tired, sweaty and weak.

It was cheating because they used the wheelbarrow I felt angry because the boys had to use their hands. After my race Mr Baxendine chose Devontae to go into the wheelbarrow with a gopro on his head. Then the other boys had to race. Devontae was in the wheelbarrow. When the race started, Mr Bax and Devontae was going so fast and all the boys were go slow, It was not fair for the boys.

I was angry because the wheelbarrow was cheating. Devontae and One was in the wheelbarrow and all the boys had to used their legs and hands. If I had a bike, I could of win the race.  

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Tepaia's Egg 20m sprint Writing

Tepaia @ Pt England School: Egg 20m sprint:


WALT: group ideas into paragraphs.
WALT: write an interesting recount by adding detail to the end of our sentences.

Click the link below if you want to read the exciting full story.

 - 20m egg  race