Monday, 30 March 2015

Mitchell's Best Birthday ever writing

Mitchell @ Pt England School: Mitchell Best Birthday ever:

My Best Birthday Ever!

One of my best birthdays was when i turned 9 years old. I went to Rainbows End with my whole family and i went with Simon too. First we went on the Pirate ship. We had to hold on to these bars and then the lady started the ride. We went up and down. I had butterflies.

The next ride was Invader. It was fun. I kept on turning around in my chair. It was kind of scary. It hurt my back because there were no seat belts. I went up in the air it was so cool. Then i went on the Gold Rush. The Gold rush was a very long line to wait. Finally me and Simon got to the front of the line.

It was so fast it was so scary. We were screaming and everyone could hear us. Finally we were at the end. We ran straight away to the Log Flume. The Log flume was so fun. It was a rainy day. We got wet all over our clothes. We couldn’t wait until we got under shelter. But the most scary part was at the end of the ride.

We were freaking out and went straight down the waterfall and got wet everywhere.
We went to go look at our photos they took while we went down the waterfall. We looked closely at our faces. We looked like we were going to fall off. It was so fun.
After that we were so tired. Our clothes were getting dry. We went on the bumper cars.

The Bumper cars were hard for me to drive.
I wanted to get out of the bumper car straight away. I kept on bumping into other cars and was going the wrong way. I wanted to go the dinosaur ride straight away. It was a short line so we were just waiting for a short time. Then we got to go on the ride. We put on 3D glasses and our chairs we were sitting on were moving.

It was so fun. Then we went to Kidz kingdom. There were rides for little kids there. Then it was getting dark and we left. That day was really fun. When it was night time we went to a restaurant in mission bay. The food was so yummy. We had traffic light drinks. They were so cool. Then we went to go get frozen yogurt.

I had vanilla flavour with peanuts caramel sauce and some lollies. It was so fun and then we dropped Simon off home. I went home and was so tired. I had some leftover cake from the fridge. Then i went to the lounge with my family and watched a movie. It was Cats and Dogs.

My mum gave me my present and it was a Samsung Tablet. I downloaded lots of games on my tablet. It was her old phone but she brought a new phone and she gave her Tablet to me. I was so happy. I was so tired after that i fell asleep at 10:30.

That was one of my best birthdays ever in my whole entire life. Thanks for reading my story about one of the best birthdays ever. The End. By Mitchell

Ajani's year 5 and 6 camp recount writing

Ajani @ Pt England School: Ajani's year 5 and 6 camp recount:

One morning I woke up and I realised. That day was the first  day of…… CAMP!!!! I got changed into mufty for camp. The whole year fives and sixes camped on the Pt England’s field. As I woke up I ran to my mum and yelled “TODAY IS CAMP!!!.” Mum said “ are you going to miss your sisters?” I had a little think and said “ Yup the most thing that I will miss is their massages” mum laughed. We had the ultimate Breakfast. We had scrambled eggs, toast, Baked beans and Spaghetti. I went to camp to get out of my of my house.

After that we drove to school and I heard the first bell I ran to the hall. Mr Burt had a Korero with us. After that we officially started the year fives and sixes camp. We walked down to the field and started to begin the activities of camp. My group was called the True Crew. Our first activity was Killer Zone. First True Crew sprinted all over the field rolled the board one by one and before we knew it we were finished.

So we furiously crawled all under the blue tunnel and threw the tennis balls. We had to throw the balls to the mat if you get it on the mat you get two points. Furthermore we ran to the flag and screamed our chant. But the other team was still crawling under the blue. So we walked to the big tent.I had a little sleep and then we found out who we were sleeping with I was sleeping with Kyron our tent was so messy that one night I was wearing his clothes.

Russel's Camp Word Cloud

Russel @ Pt England School: at camp by Russell:

At camp it was cool because we get to do activates they were kyaking and cooking and watching movies and it was cold

Sheales' Year 5 & 6 Camp Wordcloud

Sheales @ Pt England School: Year 5 & 6 Wordcloud

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Lenard's Year 5 & 6 Camp writing

LJ @ Pt England School: lenard yr 5 & 6 camp:

Between Wednesday and Friday it was yr 5 & 6 camp. We were sleeping in a tent at Pt England School. We got to do activities they really fun. They were kayaking, cooking, top town, the amazing race and roller blading.

My favorite activity was the amazing race and kayaking. they were the best games that I liked. Also I like cooking we made pancakes with cron in it. It was so fun and I wonder if it will be the same.On Thursday we had the yr 5 and yr 6 teams performing. My team was Matapono e. 

I thought that my team was the best! We were dancing to uptown funk. Miss Lavakula’s team was good and great, they won the dance competition. And there song was that they were dance kung fu fighting. I don't no if it was cool? and there dance?  

On Friday the yr 5 and 6 even the teacher went to mangere pools. Once we were inside the pools it looked so fun. But the first thing that we had to do. was to sit down in our team. I wish that all of as could stay. Un tell we all want to go home.

My favourite part of camp was sleeping in the tent. My buddy was Jonathan fifita he was the best buddy! and I am wondering that who is my buddy next year! And also I am wondering what tent I will be in?

The same colour or different! I enjoyed seeing who is in my group. And I no that we are not having camp at school. We are going some were else.         

Friday, 20 March 2015

Mitchell's use your W.I.T.S writing

Mitchell @ Pt England School: Mitchell Use your W.I.T.S:

I am going to explain to you what using your W.I.T.S means.

The W means walk away. If someone says bad words to you or pushes or punches you you could either just walk away or tell a teacher. Dont punch them back in the face or say mean words just walk away from them because they are being mean to you. You could get in trouble too.

The I means ignore it. Ignore someone if they are bullying you. Like if you were on the park just playing on the monkey bars and someone said the f word or another bad word to you just ignore them or tell a teacher. Dont be mean to them or else you might get in trouble too.

The next letter is T. The t means talk about it. You can talk to the teacher about it if someone is being mean to you. Like if you are going to play with your friends and its someone elses friend to and he just kicks you for playing with his friends. They would have to say sorry to you or go to detention.

The last letter is s. S means seek help. you could seek help if someone really hurts your feelings and you can’t be mean back to them just tell a duty teacher and they would talk to the person that was being mean to you and either put them in detention or either let them say sorry.

This is what W.I.T.S stand for Walk away, Ignore them,talk about it and seek help. By Mitchell

Atareita's My Best Birthday Ever writing

Atareita @ Pt England School: My Best Birthday Ever:

My Best Birthday Ever!

I am going to explain to you about my best birthday ever. It was when I was turning 5 years old. It was a very cool party. I am going to tell you about that.

It was a Saturday on the 28th of November. I tried to sleep in, but my mum woke me up. As soon as my mum left the room I went back to sleep, but she just kept on waking me up. So then I stayed up. I had breakfast with my family. It was delicious.

In the afternoon I had to stay inside because they were setting up my birthday outside. On my birthday we were at our old house. By the way back to the birthday….. everyone was outside setting up and my mum and dad were ringing my uncles, cousins, aunts, nana,s and papas over to come to my house. You know why.

After that they had finished and everyone had come. So I went outside and it was amazing. Everyone was there,everything was set up. There were a lot of presents and my uncle bought me a pool. Guess what I did to it, I popped it with the scissors. It was really funny. I opened all my presents before we had the cake. There were so many it took ages to open them all.

Furthermore, we then had the cake. It was a big chocolate cake. I loved it. if you were there, you would have enjoyed it. everyone went home and the birthday was over. I felt awesome after that. I wished that it could go on forever. But it couldn't. It was a fabulous and fantastic day.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Aneelis' WITS writing

Aneelis @ Pt England School: WITS:

At Pt England we have WITS because it can

keep you safe.WITS can help you by not getting into a fight also it can help you from not getting in trouble and it also helps us to not get bullied. W stands for walk away and I stands for Ignore it and T stands for talk about it and S stands for Seek help.
What does W walk away mean, well I am going to explain what walk away means. Walk away means if a boy punched you in the stomach on purpose just walk away. Also it someone is swearing at you walk away and if someone bumps you, walk away.

Now it’s time for I ignore it, Ignore means If someone is like tapping you or touching you just Ignore it and If someone is saying mean words, don’t turn around and talk back to them just ignore it.

T talk about if you are getting bullied or if they are trying to start a fight talk to your friend or a teacher and then they will get in trouble.

What I want to do if someone is doing something to me I can walk away from them . If someone is sad I can seek for help for them maybe you can help them out.

If someone is sad they can talk about it.

Screenshot 2015-02-23 at 10.02.04.png


Samoa's using our WITS writing

Samoa @ Pt England School: Using our WITS:

At Pt England school we have WITS. WITS can help you by not getting in trouble or into a fight, also it can help you from not getting snap and being a good person. W stands for Walk away, and I Stands for Ignore it, T stands for Talk about it, S stands for Seek help.

What does W Walk away mean, well I am going to explain what Walk away means. Walk away mean if someone punches you on the staunch by purpose then you will need to walk away.

Moving on to I Ignore it, Ignore means if someone is tapping you at class or outside and being annoying to you the you just need to go far far away and ignore it.

Now T Talk about it, if you are getting bullied or if they are trying to start a fight, then talk about to your friends or teacher and then they will get in trouble.

S seek help, if someone is being mean to your friend then go to a teacher and and seek help.

I finally know now that we need to be kind and nice to each other, and use our WITS.

Russel's omaru creek

Russel @ Pt England School: Russell omaru creek

We have been learning about Omaru Creek and types of pollution. 

Anna's Share and Love Acrostic Poem

Anna @ Pt England School: Share and Love Acrostic Poem:

Awesome and an Angel
Normal and Natural
Nice and Neat
Amazing and Adventurous

Monday, 16 March 2015

Ben's facts about trasfomers

Ben @ Pt England School: facts about trasfomers:                                              

 1 Transformers is a movie that robots can transform to a tank or a car

2 my favourite one is grimlook he can trasform in to a dinosuare

3 there is war about transformers and optimus prime is the leader an camander. 4 Another leader is a bad leader his name is megatron he died

Monday, 9 March 2015

Latu's Exercise Investigation

Latu @ Pt England School: Exercise Investigation:

In Room 9 and 10 we have been learning to do a Statistical Investigation. First we asked a question.Then we worked out the answer and presented in a graph. Lastly we wrote about what we found out. I hope you enjoy our investigation.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Tatiyana's Eel Trap

Eels  are   sometimes  fun   to   catch   and   yum  to  eat. I like to sometimes go fishing   with  my   dad,  it's  very  fun.

Tupuia's Life Cycle of a Inanga

                                          This is my picture which shows the life cycle of whitebait.