Sunday, 29 March 2015

Lenard's Year 5 & 6 Camp writing

LJ @ Pt England School: lenard yr 5 & 6 camp:

Between Wednesday and Friday it was yr 5 & 6 camp. We were sleeping in a tent at Pt England School. We got to do activities they really fun. They were kayaking, cooking, top town, the amazing race and roller blading.

My favorite activity was the amazing race and kayaking. they were the best games that I liked. Also I like cooking we made pancakes with cron in it. It was so fun and I wonder if it will be the same.On Thursday we had the yr 5 and yr 6 teams performing. My team was Matapono e. 

I thought that my team was the best! We were dancing to uptown funk. Miss Lavakula’s team was good and great, they won the dance competition. And there song was that they were dance kung fu fighting. I don't no if it was cool? and there dance?  

On Friday the yr 5 and 6 even the teacher went to mangere pools. Once we were inside the pools it looked so fun. But the first thing that we had to do. was to sit down in our team. I wish that all of as could stay. Un tell we all want to go home.

My favourite part of camp was sleeping in the tent. My buddy was Jonathan fifita he was the best buddy! and I am wondering that who is my buddy next year! And also I am wondering what tent I will be in?

The same colour or different! I enjoyed seeing who is in my group. And I no that we are not having camp at school. We are going some were else.         

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