Friday, 20 March 2015

Mitchell's use your W.I.T.S writing

Mitchell @ Pt England School: Mitchell Use your W.I.T.S:

I am going to explain to you what using your W.I.T.S means.

The W means walk away. If someone says bad words to you or pushes or punches you you could either just walk away or tell a teacher. Dont punch them back in the face or say mean words just walk away from them because they are being mean to you. You could get in trouble too.

The I means ignore it. Ignore someone if they are bullying you. Like if you were on the park just playing on the monkey bars and someone said the f word or another bad word to you just ignore them or tell a teacher. Dont be mean to them or else you might get in trouble too.

The next letter is T. The t means talk about it. You can talk to the teacher about it if someone is being mean to you. Like if you are going to play with your friends and its someone elses friend to and he just kicks you for playing with his friends. They would have to say sorry to you or go to detention.

The last letter is s. S means seek help. you could seek help if someone really hurts your feelings and you can’t be mean back to them just tell a duty teacher and they would talk to the person that was being mean to you and either put them in detention or either let them say sorry.

This is what W.I.T.S stand for Walk away, Ignore them,talk about it and seek help. By Mitchell

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