Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Te Aumihi's Game Animation

Te Aumihi (T.A) @ Pt England School: Game Animation:

Hi my name is TA. This is my game. I know you will not get bored if it is a wet lunchtime i have a game for you my game is about a character called fire girl.

She can kill anybody that tries to kill her.She got power from this bad boy it like an alien. He killed her mum and dad. She got really angry one day and something happened to her and she had fire in her hands.

In the game she gets trapped underground and is trying to get out. She has fire powers, speed and stargo. Her mission is to get revenge on the bad guy.

Her challenge is to get to the end of the game. If you kill the bad guys you get 1 life but if they kill you you lose a life and they get your life. You have to try to get their lives.

If you push up you jump, down you duck and sideways you will move. To hit the bad guy you push k.

Thank for watching hope I you watch my game. Please leave a comment.   

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