Friday, 27 February 2015

Javan in the holidays being lazy

In the holidays I felt excited because I went to go sleep over my friends house. When I just got there I ate and I was watching tv. After that my friend was playing 2k15 on the psp and me and his brother went to the park. At the park we played basketball on the court . after playing basketball we were playing rugby and I was trying to tackle him. On sunday my church and my friend went to go play some samoa cricket. when it was my turn to bat I was so embarrassed because I forgot how to use the bat propel.When the game was over we went to go shopping.when we arrived at packinsave I was so lazy cause I was play cricket and my feet was killing me. After that I went to go cut my beautiful hair. My hair cutter was at G.I. In the end finally I went back home because of school.

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  1. Hi Javan
    I love your tittle for your writing it is so funny.
    In the holidays I was being kind of lazy.
    To be better than before could you explain your picture and why is it there?


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