Friday, 27 February 2015

Angel's Holiday Highlight

In the Holiday who i went with was my  family and cousins  we went to the beach why we went there because it was my cousins birthday  and we had a bbQ  when we got to the  beach we went for a swim then when we got out of the beach we had lunch then when we   finish lunch we went for a swim then when we finish we went home.

Then the 2 week i went to the pools with my mum it was so fun i keept on splashing water at her face then i went to Dave. under the water to get my mum lage she keept on picking me up splashing water on me it was so fun then my brother and sister came then i splash water on my brother and sister.

Then  3 week i went out west to go and see my uncles and auntys house we stayed there the night then the next morning we went to mcdonalds
then we went back to my aunts and uncles house then when we got there we had lunch.

Then week 4 i went to the park with my mum and dad we had lunch there it was a cool park after we had our lunch there we went on the big field to play touch i got 2 trys my sister got 1 try then when we finish we went home for a sleep.

It was a fun time everywhere i went with my mum and Dad.

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