Sunday, 18 December 2016

Goodbye from Mr Baxendine

It is sadly time to write my final blog post for this Pt England School class blog. In 2017 I will be moving with my wife and little girl down to Palmerston North to be closer to family and start new adventures. The past two years of teaching Pt England Room 9 (Yr 4 & 5) students has been absolutely amazing. I will miss all my students coming into class every morning with their big smiles, their unique personalities and their love of coming to school everyday. This blog has been a wonderful place to share all the exciting learning that my students have completed over the past few years. It has been very valuable for my students to read comments viewers have left, see how many people have viewed their learning and understand that their learning is valuable. So thank you to all our viewers and commenters! This blog will continue to be a visible reference of our learning, yet there will be no new posts. Please do check out Pt England School blogs to view and comment on students learning as they continue to Learn, Create and Share.

Thank you to all the teachers & staff at Pt England School who gave me the best beginning to my teaching career I could have ever asked for! Especially a big thank you to my team teachers who have been absolutely amazing and taught me so much! To continue following my teaching career check out my professional learning blog.
This movie is a farewell made by these amazing teachers.

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