Monday, 3 August 2015

Simon's holiday writing

Simon @ Pt England School: My holiday:

In my amazing holiday I went to rainbows end. On Saturday me and my brother went for a sleepover at my Nana's house. When we got there my cousin was playing on his x box. We told him if we could play because me and Michel had 2 controllers. we played game. After that we went to bed. In the morning we had a look out side It was sunny. We jumped around and got ready for rainbows end.

We went and had our breakfast It was nice. I was  really tired so my aunty told me to go into the bathroom and splash water on your face. So I did I woke up and I brushed my teeth. we went outside and had a talk about what we were going to go on first. when we got there the entry was green and other colours to. We put on our bands and went on the pirate ship.

The pirate ship was cool it gave me and all the other people adrenaline rush. When I got of I felt like I was tiny. We were waiting for our next ride It was the roller-coaster there were 2 people in the line my aunty said get ready so we got ready. Me and my cousin went on the front cart my cousin was scared so as me. The ride started and we took a sharp turn it hurt a little. It took awhile to get to the top. Finally we got to the top and dropped I  was screaming loud so as the other people. There was a big loop coming up I did not feel it. We took a corner and went over 2 other loops so we got ready. It pushed me to my cousin's side twice It was scary. Finally it stopped.

I got of and I was surprised. After we went on the invader the line was so short. The lady told us the rules before we went on the ride. When we got on I sat on the back chair with my aunty my brother and my cousin. The ride started and it went slow but the speed was picking up.  It throw us around every. We went to the top it was so scary my face was facing the top. it spun me around everywhere. The ride stopped and we got off we went on the gold rush we went past a lot of rides. We lined up in the line the line was short so we got on first. My cousin and my brother went first me and my aunty went last.

When we got on the bars came down for us to hold on. The ride started and we shot off. We were going so fast I almost cried. The ride stopped and we went up boster thing and we went so fast it was so scary. We went down a big hill and it gave me adrenaline rush. The ride stopped and we got of the ride.          


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