Sunday, 18 December 2016

Goodbye from Mr Baxendine

It is sadly time to write my final blog post for this Pt England School class blog. In 2017 I will be moving with my wife and little girl down to Palmerston North to be closer to family and start new adventures. The past two years of teaching Pt England Room 9 (Yr 4 & 5) students has been absolutely amazing. I will miss all my students coming into class every morning with their big smiles, their unique personalities and their love of coming to school everyday. This blog has been a wonderful place to share all the exciting learning that my students have completed over the past few years. It has been very valuable for my students to read comments viewers have left, see how many people have viewed their learning and understand that their learning is valuable. So thank you to all our viewers and commenters! This blog will continue to be a visible reference of our learning, yet there will be no new posts. Please do check out Pt England School blogs to view and comment on students learning as they continue to Learn, Create and Share.

Thank you to all the teachers & staff at Pt England School who gave me the best beginning to my teaching career I could have ever asked for! Especially a big thank you to my team teachers who have been absolutely amazing and taught me so much! To continue following my teaching career check out my professional learning blog.
This movie is a farewell made by these amazing teachers.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

The End of the Year

After an amazing 11months of learning sadly the year has finished... It has been an amazing year of awesome learning, exciting adventures and some very cool explosions. Here are just a few highlights from our year!

Science Immersion day 

- Where we got to do some amazing experiments!

KA-POW art gallery

Yr 5 & 6 Camp 

- Where we nearly all got blown away and had to move into our classrooms in the middle of the night.

Pt England Olympic Rings

- Where the whole school (600 students) formed the olympic rings on our school field by standing in circles and holding a coloured plate above our heads. 

The BMG @ the 2016 Manaiakalani Film Festival

- Where our class film, The BMG (Big Manaiakalani Giant), made it into the Film Festival evening showcase and was shown on the HOYTS Extreme screen. 


It has been an amazing 2016. Thank you to all our blog viewers and commenters for taking interest in our learning this year and helping make our learning real, authentic and purposeful. Please continue to follow us on our new class blogs and sites in 2017!


Thursday, 17 November 2016

Motat Trip

The Year 4 & 5's got to go on an awesome trip to Motat this week. We got to explore lots of interesting things and also bust some science Myths. There was also a very old Tram that we went for a ride on. Here are a few highlights from our trip.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016


The BMG 

(Big Manaiakalani Giant)

Have you heard about the strange things happening down at Pt England School? Some people say it’s because they have Chromebooks but I’m not so sure that’s the only reason … 

This movie called the BMG, the Big Manaiakalani Giant, might give us some clues...

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Into the Cave Writing

On a sunny morning a little family went on an adventure in a cave.
When the ground was shaking and their little family tried to get out but the rocks fell so they ran to the the left. Then they ran to the right but it was full of rocks so they tried calling for help but they left their phones in their car.

While they were waiting for someone to come and rescue them they started to. Get hungry so they looked in their bags and they had water and sandwiches for lunch. Some of them got bored of waiting so they checked in their if they
bought some toys.

Mum and dad started to get sleepy so they closed their eyes for little bit then. They heard someone digging the rocks out and they saw a little hole on the
side of the cave. When they got out they didn’t know what to say so they invited them for dinner to say thank you when they finished their dinner they walked them out  and they said good bye.

And they never went to the cave again  

Petesa @ Pt England School: Into the cave

Son_Doong_Cave_5.jpgInto the cave!
One day there was 4 friends that wanted to go to the beach. Their  names were Luck, Willie, Richey and Coby. They could hear splash of the water and the little sound of sands and people playing and eagles talking. Luck and Coby went for a little swim at the beach. While the others will go and lie  down on the sand. Coby and Luck finished swimming for 10 minutes.

When they finished swimming Luck, Willie, Richey and Coby went for a walk around the beach. Luck called to his friends, “ Willie, Richey and Coby I found something”, They bursted out to look for Luck. When Willie, Richey and Coby found Luck they wanted to know what was happening. So Luck said, “ Look I found a cave”, So Willie, Richey and Coby was so excited so they ran inside to see what was inside.

So Luck, Willie, Richey and Coby went to have a journey around the cave. They could see spider webs on the corner and rocks all over the ground. Willie was running all over like a monkey. While they were walking they got lost they got really scared and sad. Richey felt like crying and confused. Coby remaindered he brought his phone. He rushly got out his phone and called his other friend name Lorenzo. When Lorenzo heard the news he got his rope and started to drived to the beach. When he got there he got his rope and started to ran around the beach and up the hill. When he saw the cave he looked around the cave and started to shout out their names. When Lorenzo found them. He followed the rope and started to found his way out. They were so so so happy they didn't know what to say to Lorenzo. They could feel the breeze coming to there face. They were so HAPPY!!!.   



Friday, 21 October 2016

PES Olympics Day 2016

Last week the whole school went outside onto the Pt England School field. We made the Olympics rings by standing in circles and putting plates over our heads. I was the red plate. Then our teacher Mr Baxendine and Mr Somerville flew a drone over us and videoed the Olympic rings.

We also spent the day in teams where we had to compete in 7 different games. They were a bit hard but the hardest one was the Tug of war and football. My favourite bit was Dodgeball, Handball and Volleyball. It was funny when I fell over at Volleyball.
By Leone.